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Default Re: Incredible Hulk 2

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post
If he talked, they should be extremely cautious about what he would say. It can't be the classic describing-every-single-thing-I'm-doing kind of speak (Hulk smash, Hulk destroys giant robot, etc).

Of course they should. The potential for it to not work right is high. But it's worth the extra effort, IMO. Perhaps his eloquence can vary depending on just how angry he is at a particular time. When he's fully enraged he only grunts out a word or two but when he's not you can have a semi-conversation with him. I really don't want him talking exactly like the Avengers cartoon because to me that's too close to Joe Fixit and if they ever want him in a movie they'll need to show how his personality is different from the green/savage Hulk's. I'd say save the referring to himself in the 3rd person stuff for when he's almost too angry to speak(and use it very sparingly) at all and the rest of the time allow him to talk but not have some tough guy attitude. He's too simple for that. At that point just don't have him refer to himself at all. Save the tough guy act for the grey hulk/Fixit.

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