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Default Re: Is TDK's Joker the greatest cinematic villian of all time?

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
That's exactly right. A character like Darth Vader can really only be played a certain way, anything outside that and it's no longer Darth Vader. The Joker has so many layers available to the actor and so many ways to come at the character it's not funny.

That’s it. The Joker is everything I like in a villain in one package. A charismatic showman who enjoys killing, taking charge and executing wacky or serious, point to prove plots. He is everything and anything. The character is the star. As you said before, Romero, Nicholson, Hamill and Ledger have all devoured the part. Ledger is my favourite version of those, and I find myself appreciating the performance and movie even more as time goes on.

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