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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!) - Part 1

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
Singer hasn't introduced gambit in past films for a reason, and on twitter he voiced his view on gambit saying he could see gambit working better in a solo film and what he said at comic con was basically yes it could happen... Not saying it will though, which is what you would say to a room full of fans, you wouldn't say... Hmm... I'm not sure we will use gambit because of origins ect ect, no he ain't gonna say that, he would probably reply the same thing about any other character he got asked about and its the best answer to give because it keeps fans optimistic but at the same time fans can't say he said he was definitely gonna use gambit because he didn't

But... saying that i think there is more chance of gambit being brought in to the franchise in some form like in xforce or a spin off, something more then gambit will be brought in to be a love interest for rogue and join the xmen

Also I think singer would need as much imagination to make gambit and rogue work as he would to make wolverine and rogue work, I don't see it any differently, they both contain problems some fans are willing to forget about

Singer has already switched a fair amount of relationships in his xmen films
Gambit had a cameo in X2 and was going to be in Singers version of X3. He actually did want him in that timeline. Circumstances played against it. So the foolish decision was made to shove him in Origins because fans had demanded him so much. Well, those fans are still demanding and they're listening more these days. If there is a OT sequel I think there's a very firm chance he'll be there. Anna's excitement didn't seem based off it being laid to rest as never happening.

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