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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!) - Part 1

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
Dont know if Singer ever mentioned him, but I saw recently that old rumour of Singer wanting Keanu Reeves for Gambit in his X3.

So if that was true, then Singer must have had real interest in him wanting to sign a popular actor for the role.
I'm not sure the Keanu rumour was true but people connected with X3 prior to Singer leaving have said he would have been in the timeline. I'm not sure how big a character, but he was planned. Donner also looked at casting choices and has talked about them. I wish they hadn't dropped the idea or his cameo in X2. Even the crap X3 script apparently had him as a small role at one point. Damn Ratner coming in and changing things. And damn Fox for not waiting for Singer to do Superman and X3. Origins was a awful place to plop Gambit, and not only because of Rogue, but because he didn't fit.

We can all only hope them considering him now actually materializes in a sequel. Iceman was never going to sit well with the audience when they all wanted Gambit instead. If not him then give her a whole new love interest in a sequel. Someone interesting this time. Too bad Rogue probably won't meet Sunspot, a little flirting there would have been fun in DOFP. She better not spend all her scenes moping over boring Bobby. I like him well enough as an individual but as a romantic focus I don't believe Rogue and Kitty would spend 10 years yearning for or wanting him. C'mon.

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