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Default Re: Spidey's Rebound Girl

^ If I was him, after the set pics of Gwen wearing her death shroud, I would have stated the same thing. Could the bridge scene happen, with Gwen falling, and Spidey actually saves her? Maybe, it would definitely be a twist, but that would effectively be Raimi's MJ scene with Gwen and would be total blasphemy to the comic book canon. Even Emma said something about wanting to do the death scene right. Snikt!... Crack!... It better be!!!!!

As a director you want certain things to be a surprise, and when fanboys like us figure it out and write it on sites like this, that sucks for you (but oh well - it's part of the game).

My only worry is that they way we might be surprised is when the Goblin takes his mask off and it's Harry. (Just threw up in my mouth a little)!!!!!

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