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Default Re: Should Stryfe or Selene be the villain for the X-Force movie?

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
They have been strongly hinting at going 90s X-Force with Remenders Uncanny X-Force.

So I wouldn't expect alot of those characters you mentioned. Thats a great idea for New Mutants but I would hate X-Force to go that route. They need to leave the option for New Mutants separate. If I was to bet I would say a Cable, Deadpool and Domino focused team with some UXF characters. Not having Deadpool or Domino is gonna disappoint alot of the fan base for this flick. I highly doubt it's gonna be revolving around any new schools or young students. We already have 4 movies that take care of that. No point in making an X-Force film that would feel the same as a New Mutants or an X-Men film. It's gotta stand out on it's own and characters.

I'm fine with either Stryfe or Selene as a Villain. I like the idea of a main Female antagonist alot.
Personally I would like to see them start with more of a New Mutants list of characters in their X-Force, as I mentioned earlier. I'm not sure how you could have X-Focre and the New Mutants separate (they are the same things!). But from there Cable's X-Force could happen, and that includes Domino and such. In my opinion I would rather see Deadpool as a possible villain in X-Force (done right this time - with the mask and attitude and all), which could lead to him in his own flick.

I still feel that Emma Frost deserves to be a strong female antagonist. And making her the leader of the Hellions does this perfectly. It would make a great origins movie for X-Force!

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