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Default Re: This Franchise Needs a Reboot Bad

I'll have to disagree with you all on Juggernaught. Him being some Australian henchman with a bad costume was not that great. It took away the back story of him and Charles and prevented a villain character that could have been a main antognist from being used in that way.

All so they could say "I'm the Juggernaught *****" and "d!(& Head" and then have him knocked out by Leeches powers. Oh yeah, he was great!

As far as Cable, I don't think they need to get into his background at all. He could still be Nathan, but whether he is a Summers or not doesn't have to be disclosed. Who knows if he's even from the same timeline at this point. And after the bring back Jean and Scott at the end of DOFP the option of him possibly being their future son is there.

In other words, we can still have a good Cable, looking like Cable should, without having to get into his background!

Now as far as Rogue, all I'm saying is that it is very unlikely they will make her a "badass" in this movie. That's just not her character. She's the one used to show mutant powers negatively affecting someone's life. That's her plot point. And now she'll be wearing the inhibitor collar and lingerie so Bobby can get a surprise. That will make a good plot device!

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