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Default Re: Should Stryfe or Selene be the villain for the X-Force movie?

Originally Posted by Super Jim View Post
Personally I would like to see them start with more of a New Mutants list of characters in their X-Force, as I mentioned earlier. I'm not sure how you could have X-Focre and the New Mutants separate(they are the same things!). But from there Cable's X-Force could happen, and that includes Domino and such. In my opinion I would rather see Deadpool as a possible villain in X-Force (done right this time - with the mask and attitude and all), which could lead to him in his own flick.

I still feel that Emma Frost deserves to be a strong female antagonist. And making her the leader of the Hellions does this perfectly. It would make a great origins movie for X-Force!
Maybe if your living only in the early 90s they seem like they are the same since X-Force originates there. X-force was created to be a much more agressive group regardless, even with some of the same New Mutant characters. New Mutants took awhile to transform into that, without Cable or other bad asses ya got nothing. New Mutants since the 80s was about a team of younger students too young to be X-Men but old enough to train. X-Force is a group that takes more hardcore action against threats. And now usually is a team of mercs, assassins, violent characters that are mentally unstable and given a more adult feel then then any other mutant books. They serve different purposes.

Ones about training new kids training and the other is pretty much the GI Joe of X-Men by way of hit squad with an invitation to more crazy and deadly individuals. Pretty Big difference.

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