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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - Part 2

Originally Posted by The Boy Scout View Post
Superman is the main character. If he believes that what he did was wrong, then the audience is supposed to believe it as well.
That means if the main character does something which he believes to be right, than the audience is supposed to believe that it is right as well, correct?
What happens when you are telling the story about an adolescent?
What happens when you are telling a story about someone out for revenge?
What happens when you are telling a story about shady people(typical tarantinto protagonists)?
What happens when you are giving hitlers side of things?
What happens when you are telling the story of a young superhero finding his way...

Most stories aren't about perfect people, they tend to often be about people doing what they think is best. The audience can often agree or disagree at their own discretion. Ben Affleck's Gone Baby Gone, fun movie, especially the ending.

Wow. Maybe you should watch it again, then.
When did the movie say superman made the right decision? I must have missed that part. I've been firmly on the side that he made the best decision given the circumstance but I had no idea there was a point there near the end(I assume) when the movie specifically said he did. Maybe I should watch it again.

I'd quit while you're ahead.
I'd rather you just try your best.
It was a simple question.
Superman doesn't end world hunger even though he can. Superman believes that's the best decision so that means we the audience are supposed to as well right?
Cause I don't.

And again: Superman, being the main character, is supposed to be the one we sympathize with and we are supposed to believe that the decisions he makes are the right ones. We don't have to agree, of course; but we're supposed to.
You are suggesting that anything a protagonist does, as long as he thinks he's in the right we as an audience are supposed to sympathize.

There's a difference between sympathizing with the story lead, and the story telling us something is right or wrong.
This was almost the point of that 3 little pigs story told from the Bad Bad Wolf's perspective.

Apply this to the topic at hand, whether superman feels he did a bad thing in killing a Zod going forward, says little about whether it was right or wrong. What's right and wrong will never change, how he feels and how we sympathize will. Don't see a problem with that. If he decides to do different in the future, that won't mean squat when it comes to the reality of the zod decision. It will just mean he doesn't want to kill anymore.

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