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Default Re: Who should play Ms. Marvel if she gets her own film?

Originally Posted by chicagodave View Post

Well when you consider that Elizabeth Olsen is currently rumored to be in talks for Scarlet Witch, it's pretty Obvious who Sackhoff may be playing in Age of Ultron. I think we're finally getting Carol Danvers on the big screen.

The only downside is that with the Mystique rights at Fox, Scorpion rights at Sony and with Ronan off fighting the Guardians, the only real options for solo film villains are Moonstone, Cru, MODOK, Kerwin Corman, Scientist Supreme, Warren Traveler, Doomsday Man, Supreme Intelligence and cars.

Does anyone know who owns the rights to Deathbird or The Brood? If Fox owns both of those, that kind of means two less villains for Carol to fight.

As long as a demon named Marcus isn't the villain, I'm good.

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