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Default Re: Should Stryfe or Selene be the villain for the X-Force movie?

Originally Posted by Super Jim View Post
^ The New Mutants were turned into X-Force by Cable. That's what I want to see for an amazing second movie. The first movie (the New Mutants Origin) would be what I described above, versus the Hellions. Cable would be brought into things in this one...

Then... Issue 100 baby!!!!!
While I can respect that idea. They are not focusing on the kids from the mansion , they said the films about characters that don't make it there and there will only be 5 members. So using New Mutants as a starting point more then likely wont happen. It took 83 issues for New Mutants to start to transition into X-Force. New Mutants should probably be its own thing as it existed beyond X-Force and vice versa. Both work better separate. NM can start and exist without Cable or Wolverine. X-Force can't for the most part. Cable is the star and focus here.

If they make X-Force start off as New mutants then they are basically throwing away a title they can focus on younger students with. Both these can be franchises. They have very different themes going on. I can almost guarntee that the X-Force film is gonna be the Cable Deadpool show for the most part. And that would not be a mistake. They are next in the line of most marketable characters that Fox wanna get to and most talked amongst fans minus Psylocke. Who can also appear here since they seem to be hinting at using UXF as well.

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