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Default Re: The Immortal Iron Fist?

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
I think, practically speaking, a Heroes for Hire movie would be more likely. It lets you play off two kinds of 70s style, as well as a buddy cop motif. Doesn't mean you can't still do the whole Immortal Iron Fist arc, it just means that comes later.
I've been saying this for a while. Each character would have their origin, both really good origins, told in their respective styles. Iron Fist is a Kung-Fu epic and Cage in the vein of classic Blaxploitation, and then merge the genres for a Heroes for Hire. But I do agree that we would want to see the Immortal Iron Fist story at some point. Maybe when Luke gets called up to the Avengers would be a good opportunity?

I personally believe there is a market here to explore street level heroes in the MU. If I were running things I would spin Marvel Knights off into it's own brand and produce movies grittier and more adult oriented r-rated.

Daredevil, MoonKnight, Blade, Ghost Rider, IF, PM, Punisher, Daughters of the Dragon and Cloak & Dagger would all fit nicely under that label. Fighting street level villains and some of the many great supernatural threats in the MU. Maybe even a Defenders team up? There is potential here.

Anyone know if Marvel has the rights to Morbius?

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