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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by The Boy Scout View Post
Yes there is. The director himself just acknowledged it.

Which isn't any different than what you're doing. If what you think he meant is what he actually meant, then he should've worded it better.

I don't think it was off. Just a little different than usual. To be clear: I think Superman made the right call. I mean...what else was he gonna do? He had no other option. But Superman killing, even if justified, isn't something I'm a fan of.
To your first point, you're suggesting that Goyer and Snyder wrote Superman to kill Zod at the end for the sake of people believing that as the reason in which he avoids killing in the future? I disagree. I feel like there was enough shown within the movie to prove that he did not want to kill. I feel that they did it strictly to enhance and ending that they felt was lacking.

The kill or don't kill thing is personal preference. Some are really against it and it doesn't matter to some.

My ultimate point is that I don't believe this will or really needs to be directly addressed in the future as a reason to justify not killing. Some have gone as far as saying Batman should be involved in a discussion about this in the new movie. I don't like that idea.

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