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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - Part 11

Originally Posted by SuperT View Post
Clearly you never read the original comic run. It worked for Kitty there because she had a youger self in the 70s for them to switch her mind with. That's the whole element of time travel being used here.

Seeing as there's no Kitty (or Rogue or Storm right now) in the 70s in the movieverse it's makes absolute sense that Wolverine is the vessel.
I have read it imo. So Singer is deliberately deviating from the story line from the comics just to put Wolvie back in time??Well Singer should have casted an older looking Kitty and let her be the centre of attention once. I'm just tired of seeing wolverine getting the spotlight in every X-Men movie (except First Class).
And as for those Sentinals. F@*k Singer.

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