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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - Part 11

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
I feel u, teekay.... I feel you.

But you know what, as hard as it may sound, Im sure the franchise will slowly improve on that with the next movies. Fox and crew want to really expand the movie universe, so its just a matter of time that we start getting movies where Wolverine isnt the star, and at the same time, movies where he wont appear.

If Fox really plans to keep doing movies about the X-Men universe, like... lets say 4-5 or more movies, its highly unlikely Hugh stars in all of them, so.... as I said, its just a matter of time.
I'm no hater or anything, I'm a huge X-men fan but the people at Fox need to let go of Wolverine. There are a lot of mutants out there. I wanna see them on screen without Wolvie being the centre of attention.

I liked x-2, it's a great movie without a doubt but some of the mutants powers have been powered down except for a few. Rogue was watered down a lot, Storm (wasn't until X-3 when she flew, correct me if I'm wrong), Jean *sigh*

I'm Glad Hugh Jackman said that Days of Future Past might be his last X-Man movie. I'm hoping that's true. And f*@k Singer for not making Cyclops the leader of the team -__-

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