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Default Re: "Yeah, it's going to be fun"- The Black Widow/Scarlett Johansson Thread

Originally Posted by BoredGuy View Post
I dont quite understand all the interest in Widow getting her own movie, even in the comics she can't maintain her own title
it would be just like any other brainwashed-spy type movie
It was very disconcerting that Louis D'esposito seemed more hopeful for a BW or Peggy Carter film than for Ms. Marvel

If I wanna watch a spy movie, I'll go watch Bond or Bourne
I wanna see some g.d. superheroes in my superhero movies, call me crazy
Yes, variety is a good thing. That is why making movies like IM 3, TDW, TWS, and GOTG around the same time is awesome, because there all very different. Also, BW is a superhero, arguing that she's not is like saying Batman or Iron Man aren't superheroes, they damn well are.

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