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Default Re: Marvel Films vs DC Films

Originally Posted by Chris Wallace View Post
This is one of the reasons why I'm not on these boards as much anymore. I can't express an opinion on here without being criticized for it or being asked to defend it. Look, I got ZERO enjoyment out of those two movies, alright? And I'm not saying Elektra and Wolverine were gems (BTW I got Elektra out of the $5 bin, and Batman & Robin was an unavoidable part of the set so I'm stuck with it) but I still found them more entertaining than "Amazing". You disagree? Fine. @Mr Dent-I actually kinda like Batman Forever, and while I can't defend the other movies you listed (ESPECIALLY Catwoman) I stand by my opinion.
Whoa there friend, I wasn't trying to criticize you, I was genuinely curious what you think those films have that the others lack is all.

For what its worth, I've enjoyed almost every comic book movie on some level and was actually pretty stoked on most of them when I saw them in the theatre (Origins, for example.) It is usually after repeated viewings where some reality sets in.

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