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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Thor may not be Joss' favorite but he got several things right in The Avengers and I'm grateful that:

1) Thor had the most badass introduction of all the Avengers
2) He headbutted Iron Man a mile
3) "He's adopted" (one of the best lines)
4) Joss got the Thor brotherly love dynamic down perfectly
5) Thor went toe to toe with Hulk on strength without Mjolnir
6) He practically KO'd Hulk with Mjolnir
7) Hulk couldn't lift Mjolnir
8) Showed Thor and Hulk battling side by side (total geek out moment for me)
9) Kept the rivalry going with the Hulk sucker punch
10) In the short scene with Cap - Thor was battle weary but he handled his enemies with ease (there were just too many of them and they kept coming)
11) Thor popped Iron Man's mask off like a soda can
12) LOVED the whirling hammer

I'll be honest though. Thor having the least amount of screen time in Avengers is the only thing that really bugs me about the movie. I told myself that it was because of his late introduction in the plot and that he would get a bigger chance to shine in the future - but the news about AOU definitely has nixed that optimism. With everyone else getting a bigger role, something has got to give. That's especially why I want Thor to be boss in his own film.

As far as AOU, the two things that bug me the most are Black Widow having a bigger role (I thought she had a big enough role in the first one - give it a rest) and Stark creating Ultron. I'm happy Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are in it because to me they are original Avengers. If Joss wants stronger female characters focus on Wanda more. I'm also cool with Hawkeye getting a bigger role because he was underutilized in the first one and I like Hawkeye from the comics.

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