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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Originally Posted by Moonwing View Post
Its not Thor in particular, Whedon just do not like/care about non humans. It`s apparent in the Baffy where high demons, witches, etc are made fan of (for example there was a scene that reminds me about Hulk-Loki one) no matter the treat they posses. It`s his thing.

If there were Tunderstrike in the MCU aka human that just have power of Thor Whedon, probably, have been more interested in the character.
That's why Stan gave Thor a crippled human counterpart in Donald Blake. Balancing the power of Thor against human weakness.

But still it's a bogus argument. Thor is very bound to Earth. His mother is Gaia. Thor is part of mankind's history and mythology and inspired ancient cultures. The gods and humanity have much in common and that's the premise they need to focus on. Who influences who? Thor learned humility here on Earth. Thor was moved by Jane's passions and dreams and sacrificed his life to protect her and now is Earth's protector.

If they can't humanize Thor and make him relatable, Captain Marvel and Silver Surfer don't stand a chance.

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