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Default Re: The Official Batman TAS Thread - Part 1

I enjoyed "Birds of a Feather". I always felt sorry for Oswald in this ep. b/c he was serious about reforming and trying to fit in with society or "high society" anyway. Walker's operatic score was superb as well.

Robins Reckoning parts 1 and 2 were both excellent and very mature eps. The animation in this ep. was top notch as well. Timm and co. did a sublime job introducing Robin's origins. This ep. had a ton of great/memorable moments starting with the opening action sequence at the construction site. I also dig the Matches Malone and Stromwell cameos as well as that retro Batman costume during some of the flashbacks. I wouldn't had mind seeing a spinoff series of Batman in his early years with that costume. The best moments of the ep. are probably seeing the growing bond between young Bruce and Dick. I also liked the twist (no pun intended) during the climax as Batman takes on Zucco and his gang with a twisted knee at an abandoned carnival. Overall very well made and emotional episode. I always begin to choke up during that conversation with Batman and Robin at the end of part 2. And eventhough I believe Robin/ Dick was utilized well on the show before this ep. "Robin's Reckoning" really added more dimension to Robin on the show, imho. As well as to Batman/Bruce and Robin/Dick's relationship.

Oh and I love how most of both eps. Zucco was scared of Batman, but by the end is then scared of Robin. Clever casting Biff from BTTF as Zucco's voice.

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