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Default Re: Hans Zimmers: Scoring Bats vs Supes AND Batman?

Originally Posted by Elevator Man View Post
Eventhough I'd rather somebody else score this SvsB movie, which obviously won't happen. I hope Hans comes with a real theme for this "new" Batman. Instead of a dozen themes/motifs that reflects Bruce's various personality traits from TDKT. Affleck's Batman supposedly is older and more experienced than Nolan's/Bale's. So he should earn his theme this time. It's going to be tough for Zimmer to not fall back on one of those dozen themes/motifs b/c I felt some were underdeveloped in the Nolan trilogy. He might try to develop one, but I honestly don't know what to expect. He seems to be game for a brand new Batman theme.

Danny Elfman Batman score > Anything Hans Zimmer's done.

John Williams Superman score > Anything Hans Zimmer's done.

John Williams > Danny Elfman >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hans Zimmer.


(Even Elfman's 30 second Batman animated series end credits sequence is BRILLIANT, catchy, memorable, iconic, and immediately associatable with Batman, Zimmer has NOTHING on this - that Elfman score is the STUFF OF SUPERHEROES)

I agree. I am not a fan of his superhero scores either. He's isn't really good at 'em, imo. And these movies seem to get the worse out of him, imho.

Yep. The scores are boring and mundane. Begins' end credits is pretty good, and maybe one or two tracks on his MOS work, but other than that he is TERRIBLE. That said, the stuff I heard of his in TASM2 trailer sounded very good (but Zimmer only gets about a fourth of the credit for that as he did not devise the original score himself - I somehow doubt the Hans Zimmer of today is even capable of conceiving such a score), but it's just a retooling of James Horner's soundtrack, which I thought was good on its own (although I prefer the Elfman score, but I love Horner's work), but the retooling sounds EPIC. I wish they'd just let him do the Williams theme and the Elfman theme for Superman and Batman but "retool" them like that. That would be brilliant, and he could do a few original bits. But you can't mess with perfection, it's okay for Superman to have a theme associated with him that spans generations, Batman as well - and those themes are the Williams and Elfman scores, easily.

Why the creators have their heads in their asses with this is beyond me.

And I do like some of Zimmer's stuff, and the soundtracks of his I like are always what I HOPE we get for with him when he is announced for superhero projects, but never what he delivers, which is why I say keep him off these things.

here are some works of Zimmer I really liked and was hoping his work on Superman and batman would be more like:

Imagine something like this playing in MOS when the doors fling open and Superman steps out for the first time to take flight. How epic would that have been? (THAT is the kind of movie I was HOPING to have gotten with MOS, BTW):

(play from the 3:12 mark)

And this is easily one of his best, and one of my favorite pieces of music ever written - complete with trumpets and all sorts of epic sounds, hummable and instantly recognizable, PERFECT for a superhero type movie, something I REALLY wish Zimmer would take a page from when working on his Superman and Batman films:

Here's another favorite of mine from Zimmer:

(1:30 and on is very catchy and hummable, IMO)

I also enjoyed Zimmer's work here:

I have no doubt in my mind that Zimmer COULD deliver if he WANTED to do so and build and epic sounding, memorable superhero soundtrack, but he has chosen not to do so for whatever reason yet. I wish we would get something from him like the examples I have posted but sadly just about all of his work in superhero films is NOTHING like that and has been really, really sub par and flat, IMO. So with that in mind, unless he is going to bring his A game, I would rather he not score the films at all. Period.

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