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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by The Boy Scout View Post
What are you even saying right now? In this discussion, the situation is everything, and when you consider the situation and what was at stake, Superman made the right choice. Trying to separate the situation from the discussion isn't going to do anything for your argument.
I asked you when the movie said superman made the right choice and not simply the best choice. You said
1. when lives were saved
2. when the hero was shown to make the choice.
I think you need re examine the difference between best and right. If a man walks into your house and points a gun at your two kids and asks you to choose which one lives in 5 seconds or they both die. You choose the younger one(cause he seemingly has a brighter future). You have made the best choice you could. The right choice(which is to save both of them) is beyond you.

Superman saved the world and in part committed to decisive acts against his own being(confirmed by his immediate emotional response). He made the best choice he could cause the right choice, to save everyone was beyond him(this much I would agree the movie confirmed). The villain gave the hero an ultimatum much like the burglar holding two sons at gun point. If you want to suggest saving one son over another the right choice because
1. Lives were saved
2. The hero is the one making the choice
Fine, I suppose this is where we part ways.

But he is.
This soldier clause really is weighing on you..
Tony Stark, Green Arrow, Batman(nolan), all the lanterns and the dozens of other regular superheros that have been pushed to take a life in some form or another.
Are these guys all time bombs for the simple fact that they can be described in such the same was as Snyder described superman at this point?
What I said was the way Snyder described him made him sound like a time bomb. Read what I write.
I see.
Perhaps then it's you who should read what he wrote.

Tension was created because the audience was unsure if Batman was capable of taking a life. We didn't know if he would be able to bring himself to kill the Joker, regardless of his actions. Superman, on the other hand, is capable of killing someone. He's done it before. And Snyder always wants us to have that thought in the back of our minds. With Batman, the writers rely on uncertainty to create tension. With Superman, that particular uncertainty doesn't exist, because we know what he's capable of.
The direction serves create uncertainty in a brand that has been soured by utter predictability.

Personally, I think that if I have to question if Superman is going to actually go through with killing someone because of his past actions, there's a problem.
Again, not sure which superman you have been following for the past 40 some ought years but I'm fairly certain this has been the underlying status quo.

Even in the famed action #775.
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