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Default Re: if batman were to have a partner in the new series, who would you want it to be?

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
Quoted from another thread, I want to see a whole trilogy based primarily on the Robins, giving the new Affleck Batman a more fun and comic book feel than Nolans and allowing for further universe building:
I had a similar idea as well.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Movie 1: Dick Grayson's origin. Bruce takes him in to offer guidance and Bruce trains him how to fight after Dick see's Bruce practicing. Months go by and Dick has become angry and rebellious due to Bruce not being there for him (wrapped up in running Wayne Enterprise and being Batman). Dick runs off at night and tracks down Tony Zucco. Zucco is in the process of robbing someone in an alleyway only to be confronted by Dick. Thanks to training he wipes the floor with Zucco and holds a knife to his throat. He stops himself from killing him and breaks down in tears. Zucco grabs the knife and goes to kill Dick only to be stopped by Batman. Batman brings Dick home and reveals himself as Bruce Wayne. Dick asks to become Batman's partner but Bruce refuses. Movie ends with Batman captured by Joker who orders his thugs to beat Batman to death. Dick appears for the first time as Robin, saving Batman and helping him capture the Joker in the process. Batman agrees to let Robin be his partner.

Movie 2: The two have been partners for a few years now as Dick prepares to go off to college. Dick enjoys helping the people of Gotham but doesn't always agree with Batman's methods of getting the job done. Throughout the movie Robin constantly tests Batman's patience and Batman stubbornly tells him that he knows whats right and Robin can listen to him or stop being his partner. Robin does some solo crime fighting on his own and tracks down a lead about a shipment of drugs that will help him and Batman apprehend the Black Mask. Robin alerts Batman and the two team up and take down the Black Mask. Movie ends with Batman screaming at Robin telling him he could have gotten himself killed going out alone, on the other hand Robin believes he deserves thanks for tracking down the Black Mask. Robin goes to leave but is stopped by Batman and it would play out pretty much like this

Movie 3: Nightwing movie

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