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Default Re: Star Trek Into Darkness - Part 5

Originally Posted by hunteri View Post
For me Star Trek Into Darkness was a very well made movie. The action was great and the story beats moved the story forward. As a movie its a solid 7/10 as a trek movie its 3/10.

My problems where

1. Women characters where completely wasted (This is actually a problem with most Hollywood movies in the pasts few years. No strong female characters). They are either just eye candy or someones love interest (who is constantly bickering..we need more characters like Ellen Ripley)

2. Rehash of old scenes (Joss Whedon said it the best in this article
"A movie has to be complete within itself; it can't just build off the first one or play variations. You know that thing in Temple of Doom where they revisit the shooting trick? ... That's what you don't want. And I feel that's what all of culture is becoming -- it's becoming that moment."

3. The plot devices that just don't feel right. Like "magical blood", that has no explanation of how and why (the blood works on tribbles too, why is he even testing on a dead tribble. ) it just felt like they added this is so they could have the climax at the end and then say it all right we have this Magical Blood to solve all our problems. The Torpedoes was another one . number of torpedoes vs the number of Khan's crew. no one noticed the coincidence?

I think for everybody who didn't like the movie, we need to stop supporting them. So don't buy the blu ray or watch the next one. We as fans did that with the TNG movies and the tv show Enterprise. Basically indicating that you are making crap and need to fix it.

The best part of Trek is how they intertwine space adventure with a social statement (philosophical or political). This movie is nether. If I want action and awesome popcorn movies, that's what I expect from Avengers and Man of Steel....not Star Trek.
Um, yes it is. I love it when people conveniently ignore the fact TOS was an action/adventure.

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