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Default Re: Star Trek Into Darkness - Part 5

Originally Posted by Silvermoon View Post
Came across this blog that, for people like me trying to figure out store exclusives... particularly what's on the Target bonus disc vs. the Best Buy bonus material.... gives a run down of the different featurettes from each store. They also do a review/explination of the "on itunes only" audio commentary.

I think I'm going with the Target exclusive namely because saw the BB stuff online elsewhere (but damn, I have to say I hate the store exclusive stuff in general just because I like special features, but I don't want to have to feel compelled to buy 3-4 copies of a movie just to see all the special features available. What happened to the simple days, huh?)

TrekCore: “Into Darkness” Exclusives, Part I: Video VAM

TrekCore: “Into Darkness” Exclusives, Part II: iTunes Extras Enhanced Commentary
What are the Wal-Mart exclusives?

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