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Default Re: > Design FOX's Production AGENDA since DOFP (2014-2022)

2014: DOFP (confirmed)
2015: Fantastic Four (confirmed) - assuming the villain is Annihilus
2016: X-Force (confirmed)
Wolverine 3 - Wolverine fights Omega Red
2017: X5: Sinister - based on a combination of Inferno and Mutant Massacre with elements of X-Cutioner's song. X-Force and the X-Men team up to investigate attacks on mutants squatting in abandoned subway tunnels, they end up fighting Sinister and the X-Mansion is raided. Also, Sinister cloned Sabertooth and Cable is revealed as Cyclop's son.
Fantastic Four 2 - Doctor Doom appears
2018 - First Class 3 - With a lineup of Beast, Wolverine, Havok, Quicksilver, Gambit and newcomers Sage and Northstar
X- Factor - X-Factor would have a lineup of Cyclops, Phoenix, Rictor, Multiple Man, Polaris and Forge. Cameron Hodge would be the villain with a plot that's a cross between X-Tinction Agenda and Phalanx Covenant with elements of Phoenix Rising and Schism as Cyclops leaves to form his own team.
2019: Fantastic Four 3 and X6: Age of Apocalypse - Apocalypse plans on taking over the world and the X-Men must stop him. The lineup of The Twelve this time around would have Sunfire swapped out for Human Torch, Mikhail Rasputin replaced with The Invisible Woman and The Thing replacing The Living Monolith. Also mixed in with X-Factor: Endame, X-Force: Apocalypse Solution and X-Factor: Fall of the Mutants.
2020 - First Class 3 and X-force 2 - This time using the Dark Angel Saga for X-Force and First Class 3 gets a mutant hating bigot named Donald Pierce hunting down mutants for sport along with his group named The Reavers
2021 - X-Factor 2 and Fantastic Four 4 - X-Factor 2 is based on Operation Zero Tolerance where it's revealed that DOFP didn't fix the timeline. The main Sentinel AI has survived and passed for human. I'm not sure who the Fantastic Four can fight
2022 - Secret Wars - Because owning the Fantastic Four and X-Men kind of means you need to do this story

Going forward from here
2023 - X7 - A cross between Mutant Genesis and Fatal Attractions

This is assuming that Fox can also do a live action TV series based on The New Mutants with a roster of Jubilee, Cannonball, Meltdown, Surge, Chamber, Prodigy, and Hellion.

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