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Default Re: How long should the new series go on for?

Originally Posted by Random490 View Post
They should definitely go the James Bond route. The cold war ended in the early 90's and Bond was still able to remain relevant for another decade before it became stall and irrelevant in desperate need of a redefinition. To throw away old conventions, create some new, while still letting the character shine. The difference is James Bond was created around a certain geo-political climate, Batman on the other hand has a much more contemporary concept that can always place him in a modern world. If they focus on making one great stand alone film at a time, don't rush new stories and characters, and don't jump any sharks they could do a continuous Batman film series for a long time.

They'll be good films and bad ones but it will be a more substainable business model void of unnecessary reboots retelling the same story.
"Bond it" until someone messes it up beyond recognition. MOS gets a sequel. If WF is a different sort of movie, MOS should have a proper sequel. If this is actually a proper sequel, WF next. THEN Wonder Woman. THEN the Batman reboot. With the Trinity out of the way, introduce the Flash for the justice league within the film. I kind of like how DC:The New Frontier had quite a bit of the Green Lantern origin. Let it be both an epic origin, AND an epic team up film.

And then spin off individual franchises from the Justice League film. I actually don't want a JL trilogy. Maybe a film every few years, but I don't want them to take JL sequels above more solo films.

And then when the stars get old, have a dramatic tale of their last stand. Or hint at a different universe. Something to make one last epic from this unfortunate fact of life.

EX: A Batman movie in which he's FORCED to retire, and then hands the cowl to Terry setting up a BB movie (this should be an epilogue).

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