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Default Re: Is TDK's Joker the greatest cinematic villian of all time?

Hardly. I've been Kenneth Branaugh play a Nazi who organizes the Final Solution that created the death camps. I've watched a mad Caligula lust after the Robe of Jesus. Let's not forget the untouchable evil of the Anti-Christ in The Omen. How do you fight against an evil nobody sees? And then there's the serial killer from Se7en, played by Kevin Spacey - who was so righteous in his horrific actions it blows the mind.

The swordsmanship's first achievement is the unity of man and sword. Once this unity is attained even a blade of grass can be a weapon.

The second achievement is when the sword exists in one's heart. When absent from one's hand one can strike an enemy at paces
even with bare hands.

Swordsmanship's ultimate achievement is the absence of the sword in both hand and heart. The swordsman is at peace with the rest of the world. He vows not to kill.
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