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Default Re: How long should the new series go on for?

Everyone in this thread calling for the "Bond" style treatment is dead on. And it shouldn't just be Batman either, it should apply to ALL the DC characters(and Marvel for that matter too). Keep the same continuity and just recast the actors every few films. Comic superheroes are TAILOR-MADE for this type of treatment since that's what happens in the comics, a new creative team takes over from the last and tells more stories in the same continuity. I don't need to see a character's origin rebooted every 7-10 years. Also, this is just a side note, but I always thought Indiana Jones was a character who would've worked great in the "Bond" style as well(even the original trilogy wasn't a REAL trilogy in the sense of one story arc being told in three was just 3 movies of completely separate adventures of the same character)

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