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Default Re: > Design FOX's Production AGENDA since DOFP (2014-2022)

LOL @ the reboot happening in 2015. Even if DOFP flops, the reboot would take time and won't be released 1 year after DOFP.

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
True, but if their Marvel X and F4 films are turning up more profitable then their other flicks they may want to focus more on them. Films that have a pre existing fan base may look like a better idea.

Think besides Croods, Wolverine was their highest grosser this year.
Yes, worldwide.
Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I want FOX's schedule to be like this

Schedule A - if the Fantastic Four reboot became successful
July 2014: X-Men 4
March 2015: Fantastic Four
July 2016: X-Men 5
May 2017: Fantastic Four II
July 2018: X-Men 6
July 2019: Fantastic Four III
May 2020: X-Men VS Fantastic Four

Schedule B - if the Fantastic Four reboot bombed at the box-office and the movie rights for FF went back to Marvel Studios
July 2014: X-Men 4
March 2015: Fantastic Four
July 2016: X-Men 5
July 2018: X-Men 6
July 2020: X-Men 7
July 2022: X-Men 8
July 2025: X-Men 9 - the final film in the series
May 2030: X-Men Reboot

I can't really think of a spin-off movie that should be released, but if there's a spin-off movie that should be released, it should be released after X-Men 6. I feel like the general audience have seen enough spin-off films from the X-Men for now, I think starting next year, its time to go back to basics but the gap between the films are shorter compare to the last decade.
I'm sticking with this model. I feel like FOX could focus MORE with this plan, instead of juggling 3 to 4 casts. Plus its easier to market.

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