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Default Re: Christopher Eccleston is playing Malekith

Originally Posted by Bren View Post
While I'm not a fan of rehashed 'misunderstood' fights, maybe word of his conversion to goodness doesn't reach far and when Thor meets him, he thinks he's still facing a bad guy and takes him out?

Wrong forum I know but......
If Drax is the guy designed to take out ThaThnos, but Thor can take out Drax.... How is Thanos then tougher than Thor? I know he is, just the Drax part confusing me...

Unless Thanos is just allergic to Drax or something
That would make sense due to Thor basically being a cosmic character and all, plus the fact that he stays near earth so much could be why he's late on Ronan's change. I'm not a fan of misunderstood fights either but it's all in the execution.

Yeah Thanos is still tougher than Drax it's just that Drax is basically his weakness or "foil" if you will. He'd still beat Drax in 9/10 fights, but Drax does have that 1/10 chance to put Thanos down.

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