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Default Re: The Immortal Iron Fist?

Originally Posted by KRYPTON INC. View Post
I don't know. I have reservations on the whole crew being so young.

1. Danny is a MASTER martial artist. That does not happen overnight, even with training from an early age. He should be a little younger than Luke, sure, but not by much. Late 20's to 30 tops. This is just my preference mind you, but I believe there is some rationality to it. Assuming Danny's parents die when he is say, between 8 and 10 he'd be over 25 at least after training with The Thunderer.

2. Misty has to be old enough to have graduated the police academy and been a beat cop for at least a couple of years before she even meets Danny. If there is a change in the character and we meet her as an already established P.I. then, again, she can't be looking like a callow youth. The audience would have to buy her as a tough as nails female Shaft.

3. Luke has to have his origin of being in jail for a good length of time. It's really essential to his character. Having him be under 33years old just seems very off to me. He is the one with more life experience than Danny.

This is just my take mind you. The powers that be at Marvel may go down a path closer to what you are thinking, but for myself I think these characters especially need to be older.
Yaya DeCosta is 30. She would be old enough.

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