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Default Re: Marvel Films vs DC Films

Originally Posted by Chris Wallace View Post
For me, Marvel still remains on top. When I look at the two overall, what I consider to be Marvel's best (Avengers) is far better than DC's best (Man Of Steel). Inversely, DC's worst (Superman Returns) is better than Marvel's worst (Amazing Spider-Man). But Marvel has more movies overall-most of them genuinely good, IMO, and isn't so completely dependent on two properties.

NOT to say that I didn't like any outside DC properties-I actually prefer V For Vendetta, Watchmen and even Green Lantern over the Nolan Batflicks-but they are so few and far between. Batman and Superman have a combined total of 13 movies between them, going on a 14th movie which unites them. (I should actually point out that back in '97-'98, the possibility of a joint film was bandied about and Ben Affleck's name DID come up)Marvel's cinematic enterprise began with a third-rate character (Blade) and worked its way up. But for the record, I have in my posession the Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, the first 5 X-Men films, both Fantastic Four movies, all the Avengers tie-ins, the Blade trilogy, Daredevil, Elektra, Ghost Rider, Green Lantern, V For Vendetta, both Batman series, and the first Superman. And I have EVERY INTENTION of adding Iron Man 3, Man of Steel and The Wolverine to that collection.
I know everyone has their opinion but how is TASM worse than Ghost Rider 2 or SR worse than Green Lantern?

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Im done. Im leaving this website. I promise i will not be spiderman or attempt to be. I have a ral careerr to fulfill. Please don NOT tell anyone about this. I would appreciate if you all kept this a secret.
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