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Default Re: Christopher Eccleston is playing Malekith

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
Thanos went amusingly toe to toe with an insane Thor who was wielding the power gem. Generally, Thanos can put Thor down. Thor can give him a decent fight, but Thanos will put him down every time.

Actually I don't think I've ever seen Thanos put Thor down, the only thing I've seen him is freeze him using that wierd gun. I'm not saying he can't put Thor, but I think Thanos being your favorite villain makes you over sell him a bit. Yes Thanos is a good bit more powerful than Thor, but overtime I've seen them fight Thor always put up a good fight.

Now I don't want to go back and forth about this so just cut to the chase and post scans of Thanos beating Thor down. And I don't mean scans of Thanos withstanding Thor's blows because I get that he's ultra durable but I want to see him offensive pummel Thor on more than one occasion.

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