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Default Re: Am I the only one who is pro-Special Editions?

Originally Posted by Farren View Post
The only "controversial" thing for me is GL's attempt to bury the OOT.
This, pretty much. I don't mind the SE for the sake of having a "less old-looking" version of the trilogy for younger audiences to enjoy, but trying to CGIify the OOT out of existence is just plain stupid. I don't suppose it would ever occur to Lucas he might have actually made MORE money by providing alternate-cut DVDs a la "Blade Runner" or even "Alien", where you can have the original theatrical version AND the director's preferred version?

Originally Posted by JOlsen
The only change I found unnecessary was Han Solo not shooting Greedo first. Changes his character from being more scummy to more heroic right from the start. This makes his turn around later less effective.
Also this. Having Greedo shoot first actually DAMAGES Han's arc of evolving toward being a more heroic and selfless figure instead of helping it. At least we still have the Cairo Swordsman.

Other than that, most of the changes in the SE I don't mind, since there's a few of them where Lucas does exhibit some logic in making said changes that makes at least a little sense (McDiarmid as Palpatine in ESB, making Mos Eisley - a city that's supposed to be a bustling spaceport - actually 'bustling', Morrisson voicing adult Boba), and there's actually a few I rather like (mostly in ANH - the second version of the Jabba scene, some of the space shots of the Falcon where it moves less like a lumbering slab of metal and more like the Fastest Hunk o'Junk in the Galaxy, Dewbacks that actually move, etc...though I also like the final celebration number at the end of ROTJ, even though the Ewoks' drumbeats on those Imperial helmets are completely out of rhythm with it...).

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