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Default Re: Are you tired of Iron Man being overexposed?

Originally Posted by Ragnaroknroll View Post
That's a flawed argument. You can also argue that no MCU film broke a billion until The Avengers were realized. I still enjoyed it but to me Iron Man 3 was the weakest MCU film yet. Why is it the highest grossing Iron Man? Momentum. Everyone saw the Avengers and now everyone wants to see what happens next.

I just hope Thor can ride that momentum as well despite the ill received Mandarin twist.
I said $1 Billion or even 1/2 a billion. Every movie with Downey has done > $500 M. Every movie without him has barely scraped by into sequel range, or in the case of the Incredible Hulk? Failed to. They're dancing with what brought them there...a character who is thus far, their only proven star.

I also think you grossly exaggerate the general public's reaction to the Mandarin twist. Maybe 5% of the people who bought tickets were angered by the twist. We as fans are a infinitesimal part of the film going population. If we had all decided to boycott this movie, it still would've been a monstrous success.

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