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Default Re: Caleb Landry Jones cast as Banshee

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
Im sure he will return too. and more than likely in next FC sequel.

To me, it would be Awesome to see a team of young Cyclops, Jean, Beast, Banshee and Havok.

It would be pretty close to the actual original five, so seeing young Cyclops, Jean and Beast sharing scenes, would be pretty iconic and special to me, since Im now riding 60's x-men so Im pretty familiar with them right now. And Banshee, being a flying mutant and the comedic member of the team (more or less) would work somehow as Angel and Bobby at the same time. And Havok being there too would mean some stuff going on between Alex and Scott so that would make Cyclops kind of a pivotal role, if you ask me.

So... taking all of this into account, Im already anticipting FC3. I think it will be pretty special
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