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Default Re: Are you tired of Iron Man being overexposed?

RDJ is the face of the MCU right now. The first movie was a hit that started it all. He's insanely popular, and for good reason.

As for overexposure, as someone else mentioned, three of the movies so far were Iron Man solo films. He just had a sequel in Phase 1. It's not he's had an extended cameo or supporting role in EVERY MCU movie so far. He's been in three Iron Man films, the Avengers and 30 seconds of The Incredible Hulk.

Also, OP, we all know you don't like the MCU and prefer the X-Men world. How do you feel about Wolverine being shoved down our throats? He's had two solo films, was the central character in three group films and had a cameo in First Class.

To Date:
MCU: seven films, Iron Man appears as key role in four (plus cameo in one)
XMU: six films, Wolverin appears as key role in five (plus cameo in one)

Things that make you go... hmmmmm...

Originally Posted by Green Goblin View Post
I mean have a new central hero. I liked the idea of Dr Strange being it.
I can agree with the beginning of that statement, but not the second part. I like Dr. Strange, but having him as the central hero in a film universe that includes Thor and Captain America? I'm not impressed. He doesn't have the popularity to be the central character.

IMO, it should go to Captain America. He's the leader, the patriotic figure, Marvel's next in line to be "the face," and a charismatic actor to carry the load. Pull Stark back to the #2 position, keep Thor at #3 and propel Rodgers to #1. He's the guy.

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