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Default Re: What DIDN'T you like about Iron Man 3? *SPOILER ALERT*

Originally Posted by Tehmeh View Post
I was just going to post about the cardiologist at the beginning and the end. That COULD make it little less annoying that the shrapnel removal was handled like it meant nothing. Also, perhaps Tony didn't remember the doctor in question (who could've been cheesily the only guy on the planet to perform the surgery) in IM2, since IM3 was the movie he had to think about his 1999 convention more. This little thing made me dislike the end less, but yes, it still bothers me a little. That doctor is also very easy to miss both in the beginning and the end.

As for Tony using his calculations on EXTREMIS to himself...I don't know. If that's the case, A2 better give us something so we can feel better about this film. For me it's like many have said: at the same time very, very entertaining and also very upsetting.

As for Tony killing people...I don't mind. That "little bomb to the fountain to make sure that one guy surely drowns" was stupid, but blowing Killian's right hand guy's heart off, that was cool. I like that there's something for adults who want a little extra balls to the violence at times.

I've now watched the blu-ray 4 times, so it's at least a very rewatchable movie. I just can't love it, so much gripes. I watched IM1 again a couple of days ago, and so many things were done better:

- The suit. It had real damn mass. When he landed, it was either "CLUNK" or through the floor to the basement. When he punched people, they flew 50 feet from the impact. It wasn't a breakable toy. Remember that hit from the tank? You could "feel" it, it was so well done. Not comparing it just to mk42, other suits also got ripped apart too easily in IM3.

- The element of danger. I didn't feel it, not once. Perhaps a little in the helicopter attack scene which already was idiotic. In IM1, Tony was really in trouble. I felt the danger and the distress. He was more vulnerable in the first movie. Remember when his reactor got taken from his chest? It was a great scene. Almost full panic. That's one example, and not the only one. Suitless Stark in IM3 didn't accomplish that "he's more vulnerable now" - feeling. Not even once.

- Almost perfect balance of humor, drama, characters, action and pacing. And of course the soundtrack. One of the best combinations of all these I've ever seen in a superhero movie - especially for a first installment.

That isn't to say I hate IM3. I don't. There's much good in it. Shane Black knows how to entertain people and put up a good movie. If he only would've wanted to respect the already established "facts" from previous movies more instead of trying to be quirky and inventive and funny all the time (even though at times he succeeded), if he'd only be an Iron Man fanboy on some level, IM3 would've been great. Now it's just a strange mixture of love, hate, jaw-drop and facepalm.

The "I am Iron Man"-line, I liked it far better than if he'd said "I'm Tony Stark" which I was expecting. Suits are suits, he can always build more. He created a damn element, even. He is the Iron man.
This sums up my feelings pretty well, I can watch and enjoy IM3, but it leaves a bad aftertaste in a lot of ways. Plus I re-watched the 1st movie, and its just so much better, everything was done very well, and this is coming from someone who isnt a big fan of the 1st movie.

The sequels just seemed to lose sight of what he learned in the 1st movie for some reason, he also forgot the lesson/s that Yinsen taught him in the sequels as well.

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