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Default Re: Christopher Eccleston is playing Malekith

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Let's not split hairs here, in that case the main threat came from Thanos in The Avengers. Yeah this is true but that has no weight on GOTG's threat level bring universal, I think it's going to be "galactic level" but not universal.

I agree that Thanos is probably going to have a few lines and a decent amount of screen time, threat more the better. I'm not too fond of Roman turning good at the end though, I want Thor to get a crack at him when The Avenger eventually link up with the GOTG.
Me too, that's a long time in the future though

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Actually I don't think I've ever seen Thanos put Thor down, the only thing I've seen him is freeze him using that wierd gun. I'm not saying he can't put Thor, but I think Thanos being your favorite villain makes you over sell him a bit. Yes Thanos is a good bit more powerful than Thor, but overtime I've seen them fight Thor always put up a good fight.

Now I don't want to go back and forth about this so just cut to the chase and post scans of Thanos beating Thor down. And I don't mean scans of Thanos withstanding Thor's blows because I get that he's ultra durable but I want to see him offensive pummel Thor on more than one occasion.
Actually, He never has put Thor down, that's a fact.. For sure. The thing is though dude, every time Thor has fought Thanos, he has been powered up with some type of articfact, iirc. He fought with two artifacts an apparent re-continued Thanos' clone, (Starlin decided to make it a clone, since he was probably unhappy with the Story, but it was Thanos, screw that) So it's tough to say..which is why my conclusion was by Thanos' feats, not by any of their particular fights. Sorry for not making that clear.

But Thanos has killed the silver surfer in 7 punches, not sure if you've seen that one, but he killed him. He also one shot a former herald of Galactus.

It really is tough to say, cause I think Thor is more versatile than Thanos, Thanos is just too durable to really be hurt, which is why I think he'd wear him down, physically. Have you read all of Blood and Thunder? Thor was insane, blood lusted, and he had the power gem as well. He toreeeee through Bill, Surfer, the Infinity Watch, and it was freakin awesome to see Thor destroy a small planetoid thing as collateral from Striking bill so hard.

Don't forget, the Thor that Thanos froze with that gun, was the one who had the power gem, and tore through Beta Ray Bill, Silver Surfer, Strange, The Infinity Watch, without even really being hurt. He was a monster. Took out the Surfer in two attacks. This Thor was very amped, and he and Thanos brawled evenly until Thanos "grew weary", the fact that Thanos physically went toe to toe with a psychotic Thor, who had the power gem, is what lead me to conclude that under their own power, with no power ups, he'd physically take down Thor.

In terms off offensive power, it's tough, cause Thor holds back A LOT. I think he is honestly more powerful than the Silver Surfer. I don't care that Bill and the Surfer Held back. Holding back doesn't make you less durable, and Thor almost killed Beta Ray bill in a few shots.

Thor going all out (all his powers, to maximum extent) is probably closer, offensively to Thanos than it appears, in fact, I would say they are probably relatively close. But I think Thanos is physically superior, and his durability, and his mind, is what would give him a large advantage over Thor.

Just my opinion.

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