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Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
Bruce quit after TDK because they was NO NEED for Batman anymore. The Joker was locked up, Dent was dead, and the Dent Act decimated organized crime. Gotham was peaceful, why would it need Batman? Also, Bruce was older and broken down physically at the beginning of TDKR (he could barely stand without using a cane).
There are more kinds of crime than just 'organized'. Batman isn't 'too good' to take on the smaller scale stuff. 'Urban Prowler' Batman (I may have just coined that) is a thing, and for a good reason. Getting his hands dirty with that stuff has really helped flesh him out in the comics. I recommend some of the shorts in Black & White for some perspective on that - or hell, I'm sure you've watched The Animated Series.

Unfortunately, Nolan didn't bother with Urban Prowler Batman in his trilogy. There was maybe one tiny suggestion at the beginning of The Dark Knight that he goes after gangs and drug dealers (also included in the lower scale criminals would be rapists, murderers, etc), and even that is debatable. The Bat Signal spooks a couple dudes making some kind of shady deal and they decide not to go through with it.

Are they just scared of Batman in general? Or does he go out and directly bust guys like that? Guess we'll never know. But there is always a need for Batman. In the source material, that is made crystal clear.

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