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Originally Posted by droidwarrior View Post
Didn't Batman want to quit to be with Rachel and hand over the defending of the City to Dent? Then quit at the end anyway.

I don't read Batman comics but from my understanding the one thing Batman never does is quit
Stories have to be taken in context. Batman wanting to quit in TDK was all part of his character arc. Rachel's death and Harvey's corruption is what pushed him to the realization that he can't quit; that there is a need for Batman to exist and that Batman can have no replacement. It is who he is.

In TDKR, he quits, moves on, and that's all there is to it. The difference between TDK and TDKR is each film's opinion on the idea of Batman quitting. That's why I said that you have to take each story in context. Before critiquing a story for dealing with the idea of Batman quitting, one should ask themselves what the message behind that idea is. Does the film support the idea or does it not? Both TDK and Mask of the Phantasm did not support that idea and led Bruce to the realization that he can't quit, thus staying true to what Batman is all about. Rises did no such thing and that's where the difference lies.

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