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Default Re: Marvel Films vs DC Films

Originally Posted by Green Goblin View Post
What about Thor,Cap,Spider-Man 1 and three?

I remember you before I joined. I thought you liked TDKR,TASM and FC?
As a fan I liked TASM and TDKR but I was speaking on the basis of a non fan perspective who see movies purely in terms of Cinematic merits.

There goes that logic again. The Spirit now falls under the DC umbrella; there was even a crossover with Batman some years ago.

As for Catwoman...the fact that it was a complete reimagining of the character is neither here nor there; by that logic you could say that Blade wasn't a Marvel movie because he wasn't a Brit, among the other drastic changes to his mythology, look, and personality. He may as well have been Samoan while they were at it.
I am not aware about the rights situation (of Spirit) as it stands today but comic book cross-over can happen even if ownership is at two different companies (Marvel Vs DC comic, Star Trek and legion of Superheroes comic.)


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