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Default Re: Official PlayStation Vita Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by StrainedEyes View Post
Being able to stream your PS4 to any TV in your house is a pretty cool feature.
It is, but that plus Vita on your TV isn't nearly $100 cool. At least not to me. It does stream other stuff, but since your PS3 or Ps4 can do the same, it would be rather redundant.

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
I kind of feel Sony shot themselves in the foot here not requiring a Vita. Why get a Vita now when there's a device that's half the price and doesn't require one to play the games? Being handheld doesn't do it for me bc I'm rarely in a situation where I need gaming on the go. I was considering a Vita for when I go on vacation this holiday but something like this would allow me to travel with my PS4, PSN and Vita library and play games how I prefer, on a TV. I was like 80% leaning on getting a Vita but now reconsidering.
Vita's aren't exactly flying off the shelves, so I don't particularly think that undercutting their mainstream hardware sales is a huge issue for Sony. I think they want to get as much hardware as possible out there to sell their software, which is were the bulk of their money has come from with their game division since the PS2. A $100 add-on that would just put Vita games on your TV and stream PS4 games to other TVs would also be a pretty horrible value.

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