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Default Re: Should Stryfe or Selene be the villain for the X-Force movie?

Can we agree that there are plenty of options for mutant teams?


The New Mutants/X-Force



So they really don't need to have separate New Mutants and X-Force if it's solely to keep both as options. Plus they could start with X-Force and then do a prequel with a New Mutants movie.

Personally I would rather see an origin movie for X-Force since that team is an offshoot of a different team. If they simply devoted one movie to the X-Force Origins, maybe even calling it that, then they could establish things and have an amazing second movie.

See by starting with young mutants that are not part of the X-Men, but are being trained in the mansion, you create the connection. Start with a group of five that are put into some situation where they are away from the Professor and the other X-Men. Cameos could work though, showing these young mutants being trained at the mansion. Maybe even Wolverine as the cameo/combat trainer...

Anyway, they are tricked away from the mansion by Selene, are pitted against the Hellions who is led by the White Queen, and once Fitzroy shows up the Hellions and New Mutants/X-Force team up to take him down with the result being many of the Hellions dead (you always need loss), the White Queen in a coma, and Cable and Domino taking those who want to (Cannonball and Boom Boom) to be part of this militant force.

Just makes sense having an origins movie for X-Force, which means members of the New Mutants, which would lead to the second movie with Cable leading Domino, Cannonball, Boom Boom and another, like Feral. For this one having a real Deadpool as a villain would be good. And somehow he could end up with Cable, setting up the third movie.

Ultimately Stryfe would have to be the villain as the leader of the Mutant Liberation Force.

But no, what they will do is just start with the current X-Force, which means more Wolverine. I love Wolverine, but it's time to take a break from him!!!!!!!

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