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Default Re: Official PlayStation Vita Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Tron Bonne View Post
Vita's aren't exactly flying off the shelves, so I don't particularly think that undercutting their mainstream hardware sales is a huge issue for Sony. I think they want to get as much hardware as possible out there to sell their software, which is were the bulk of their money has come from with their game division since the PS2. A $100 add-on that would just put Vita games on your TV and stream PS4 games to other TVs would also be a pretty horrible value.
they haven't given it a chance to grow and start selling. They just released a bunch if promising info and plans to make the Vita more attractive from the gaming announcements, price drop, new model, PS4 compatibility , etc.... All that could lead to a boost in Vita sales going into this holiday season but they did undercut the system with this device and its like they took several steps forward while going back at the same time

Adding HDMI out on the Vita wouldn't require a $100 accessory and would have consolidated this all and made more sense. The Vita TV kind of seems unnecessary as it doesn't seem capable of any functionality that the Vita can't already do. A video out feature is something that should have been added instead of requiring a $100 device to get something close to that. Heck I don't see why this is even necessary to play Vita games as the PS4 technically should

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