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Originally Posted by Mr. Wooden Alligator View Post
Explain your reasoning behind it being a catastrophic mistake, Venom'sDad.
I have said on numerous occasion, the greatest mistake Raimi made with Venom, a character he stated he didn't like, understand, and was hollow, in Spider-Man 3, was not re-inventing the character in all three aspects of the character(from Brock, the Symbiote, and Venom itself), and establishing some real foundation for the character moving forward, when given the opportunity, vs just continuing to follow the same ole characterization from the comics that numerous of people, including himself, said was hollow, foundationless, and quite frankly lack real motivation.

SO, if Webb decide to follow suit(no pun intended), and go the"Cancer Suit" route, then once again, there will be a lack of characterization for the character as a whole, as in the comics...foundationless, lack of motivation & reason, and hollow with no real human element. In particular the Symbiote...which is effectively turned simply into just a soulless, detached object created by man, and not a natural occurring entity that has it's own intellect, existence, and instincts.

I do imagine Webb would probably do a much better job in establishing the character Brock, in terms of giving the character more background, and possibly more of a foundation, as to who he is, and/or the make-up/persona of the character. However, if he continue to follow the blue-print established by the comics, and to some respects, the cartoon, then I'm not so sure. They have to look at developing all three aspects that make up the character Venom...if they don't do that, the character will not be memorable, and will continue to be look at, the way many are looking at the character now.

IMO...that is what so catastrophic for a character with so much potential.

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