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Default Re: "Merging of Brands"?

Originally Posted by Oscorp View Post
Have people talked about it for a long time though?
It seems the best way to interpret the current evidence. Sure, the relationship with Sony has improved, but, I would hardly classify it as a groundbreaking merging of brands. Spider-Man is a juggernaut franchise, sure, but, everyone knows that they tried to incorporate his universe in TA. And what does that leave? Fox sure as hell is not going to do any business with Marvel Studios, considering how many times the studios have creatively, legally, and financially stabbed each other in the ribs.

Originally Posted by Jason Aaron
"I've known since I first took over the series that I wanted to eventually have someone else pick up the hammer," says the writer. "It's kind of a time-honored Thor tradition at this point, isn't it? Going back to the days of Beta Ray Bill."
Originally Posted by Geoff Johns
ďAt DC, we really see film and TV as separate worlds."
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