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Default Re: Official PlayStation Vita Thread - Part 1

As far as the touch screen capability, if they dont patch in Vita support, I wonder if the touchpad on the DS4 might be able to at least have some functionality there

hold up, can this connect to an external hard drive so you can store all your gaming content as well as media or will it require a Vita memory card?

Originally Posted by Electro UK View Post
I don't think they've killed the Vita at all with this. The only discrepancy I pick up on is undercutting the PS4 with it. In fact I wonder if a later PS4 model might incorporate it right in.

I'll get one for sure - Soul Sacrifice Delta on my TV? That's me, right there.
it kind of does both as many people do have multiple consoles in their house. Why buy another PS4 if you can get this for $100? The thing is can this be used at the same time the PS4 is being used? Bc current remote play is just about streaming the consoles to the handheld. Like someone cant be using a PS3 at the same time someone on a PSP is trying to remote play

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