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Default Re: Official PlayStation Vita Thread - Part 1

After thinking more about this.. This is a great and smart move by sony, effectively turning this into an affordable console in it's own right with the possibility streaming PS3 games to it via Gaikai.

At the same time a lot of people who have never bought PSP/PSV and have no intention of buying a portable system will now be able to get their hands on exclusives for those platforms relatively cheap and easy.

The bigger the user base the more people developing games for the platform the more software sales the more money.

On top of that, people who have a PS4 in their living room but wish to play games in their bedroom can simply get this little gizmo and stream your PS4 to the bedroom.

the more people who have the platform, the bigger the user base the more software it gets the happier everybody is.

it also wouldn't surprise me if like Apply they release a yearly/bi-yearly upgrade with better specs meaning in 10 years it could be just as powerful as the PS4 able to stream PS5 quality games.

remember, sony makes it's money on the software.

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